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Organic Lawn Care

Our Philosophy on Organic Lawn Care

The ultimate goal of our natural lawn care program is to produce a lush green lawn that is beautiful to look at and safe for people and animals to play in. A lawn like this requires air, water, nutrients, pH balance, and all kinds of living organisms working in harmony in the soil beneath it.


It is the soil that feeds a lawn, so we feed and nurture the soil.  Developing and maintaining a lawn thriving in truly healthy soil requires time, work, and patience.  There are no shortcuts.

Perring Landscape Services Company offers a complete natural lawn & landscape management program.  We use only organic materials and  natural processes, including aerating, organic fertilizing, compost topdressing, natural soil amendments and weed control.

Sure, there are ways that many other companies try to short-cut this process by using synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides. But lawn chemicals are not only toxic to people, animals, and the environment, they also produce superficial results.  Lawns treated this way are never truly healthy, because there is very little life in the soil beneath.  The lawn becomes dependent on applied chemicals just to appear healthy. 

Using organic products and natural processes requires time and effort, and a little bit more investment in the short term, but the peace of mind and long-term results that come with a truly healthy lawn make it all worthwhile.

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